The History of the Prayer

The History of The Akashic Record Prayer used by
Akashic Record Consultants International

“He looked to the valley. The people came from everywhere – all the ages, colors, and races that had ever walked the earth – each dressed in the costume of their people. They came in deep silence not as walking dead, but instead, walking in the reverence of grace, honoring their own time and every other time upon the planet. The silence cried out for them to speak.

Johny turned to the woman, “Why have they come?” “Why do they not speak?”

“There is no one to carry their message “she replied. “They are bound to this planet, until someone becomes their voice, someone willing to teach others to speak for them. Then they will be free to go on in their eternal progression. We had hoped you would be that someone!”

The enormity of the calling seemed insurmountable. Johny had no qualifications for such a task. He felt the darkness gathering around him. He became aware immediately of creating from darkness by calling forward self-doubt. Would he give them what they asked?

Looking up into the heavens he saw the Pleiades moving steadily onward to the apex of its journey for this night. He turned to the people and said, “I will be your voice.” A magnificent sound arose and reverberated around the pyramids as their voices filled the valley accompanied by the sound of delicate, tinkling chimes.

As he turned to go up to the top of the pyramid, he saw all of the kings and rulers of the ancient Mayan people. One stepped forward holding a small, flat stone. On that stone lay a very thin parchment of pure gold upon which was carved the words of a sacred prayer written in an ancient language he could not read.

The woman gently lifted the delicate gold prayer from the stone and carefully laid it on the crown of Johny’s head.”

Johny brought us back to the present with him.

“And that dear people is the prayer translated into English. You will be working with it in this class. For anyone using it properly, that prayer is the key that opens the Akashic Records.”

Quoted from A New Beginning From An Ancient Source: My Journey into the Akashic Record by Mary Parker, National Founder of Akashic Record Consultants International, pages 10 and 11.

This prayer has been taught for 25 years since Johny Prochaska originally educated Mary Parker about accessing the Akashic Records in his class. What appears to be a simple God-centered prayer in English vibrationally supports a very deep, sensitive internal perspective. The prayer opens the ability to access and hold the connection to the Akashic Records. From this profound vantage point, we assist others and ourselves in answering questions from the level of the soul. This level is filled with light, compassion and understanding. Through questions, specific focus is revealed in the vast Akashic Field. The questions answered are the ones that are truly heartfelt and real, dealing with in-depth development. The actual answers and questions are not linear, but deal with quality of life and underlying influences.

The prayer has five remarkable and distinctive levels of alignment. In summary, it calls forward a shield of protection which is love and truth, it fully attunes to the great consciousnesses who protect and are part of the Akashic Record field of energy, it allows the levels of consciousness to align with the process, and it activates the neutral observer who brings the inner teacher into focus.

The simplicity of the prayer holds power and moves the consciousness well beyond thinking of everyday life. It offers assistance into deep transcended states and is viewed as sacred. In this state of reverence, we nurture an inner space of stillness through the heart. Remarkably, the heart energy greatly expands when uninterrupted, and a depth of wisdom emerges bringing clarity and elucidation to life.

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